Posted by: greerdr | May 1, 2012

Welcome to the Certified Family Practice of Robert C. Greer IV, D.O., F.A.C.O.F.P.

Dr. Greer is board certified in family practice with over 30 years of experience and sees patients of all ages. Dr. Greer provides all types of immunizations including those required for overseas travel. Dr. Greer provides immigration, school, DOT, CDL, and U.S. Coast Guard physicals with quick turn around time. Additionally, Dr. Greer’s office is a MRO NIDA certified drug collection site and provides all types of drug testing. Same day appointments are available and office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm. Call 561-844-2464 to make an appointment.

Dr. Greer’s office is centrally located at 624 U.S. Highway #1 Lake Park, Florida 33403. The office is just South of the Jupiter area, one exit North of West Palm Beach, Florida and is open 5 days a week from 9:00am-5:00 pm.

Dr. Greer also has 3 FAA office Locations in Palm Beach County to serve you. One in the North end of the county, his main office in lake Park, and his Southern most office in Lantana at Florida Airmotive, Inc.


Every Wednesday afternoon Dr. Greer is available to do FAA physicals in his office at the Lantana Airport, at 2633 Lantana Road (preferabaly by appointment) from 2pm and on. He will see you anytime after 2pm. Dr Greer will stay at the airport that afternoon if he knows you are coming-so please call his office at (561) 844-2464 to schedule an appointment for Lantana. Otherwise he may be out flying and not in the office when you arrive! He cannot do special issuances there, for lack of the necessary equipment and phone lines to Oklahoma City, these physicals should be scheduled for his main office at 624 U.S. Highway #1 in Lake Park for any day of the week.

Dr. Greer also has an office at the North County Airport every other Friday afternoon of the month. For those pilots that live (or fly) in and around the North end of Palm Beach County, give us a call at (561) 844-2464 for an appointment at F 45.

Happy Flying-Our entire office of well trained staff members look forward to assisting you with all your FAA related needs.

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