Dr. Robert Greer IV

Robert C. Greer IV, D.O., F.A.C.O.F.P.

Dr. Robert C. Greer IV, a second generation physician who specializes in Primary Care and Aviation Medicine, has been serving South Florida with diligence and compassion for over thirty years.
Dr. Greer was recently awarded the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for over 30 years of outstanding service to the medical profession.

As a Family Physician Dr. Greer cares for a diverse patient base that ranges throughout the Southeast. Dr. Greer has been named “General Practitioner of the Year”, served his country proudly as a Captain in the U.S. Navy, sits as an Assistant Professor at Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine and held office as the president of the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA)among his other accolades and achievements.


As a native Floridian, Dr. Greer has seen medicine change in South Florida throughout his lifetime. He has been on the front lines of health care as a Primary Care Doctor and stays abreast of the rapidly changing health care in America while still holding on to the belief that every patient deserves good, personal quality care accompanied by empathy and attentiveness.